Glory Risers Empowerment

Drop-in Care

Glory Risers provides drop-in care promotes spiritual and physical development. We believe that self-esteem is the critical component to optimal growth in your children. In order for a child to develop high self-esteem, we focus on developing the socialization and self-help skills needed to succeed in other areas of development. Just how well children learn to get along with others depends, to a large extent, on how they feel about themselves. If the adults who care for them have helped them to feel they are valued and competent, children are likely to be relaxed and friendly with others. Play is the way children learn about their world, themselves, and others, and the way they develop the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in their lives. All children learn and grow in their own special way. “Kids will be kids, and to be a kid they have to play, to play they sometimes get dirty, when they get dirty it means they are having fun, and when they have fun we have done our job!” 

After School Program

Glory Risers After School program is designed for elementary school students. When the children arrive the staff will help the children with their homework. Once homework is completed, free play is encouraged until the children are picked. Children will receive a snack while waiting on pick up. Tutoring is also available upon request for those who need extra help outside of homework. 

Summer Camp 

Glory Risers Empowerment provides an amazing summer camp experience for kids of all backgrounds. We strive to provide a safe environment where kids can spend their summers with positive role models, while developing their social skills as they make new friends. We help kids gain an appreciation for the community they live in and respect for the environment around them. We achieve these goals by exposing our campers to new places, experiences, and ideas. Our camp allows kids the chance to create fun memories and have an incredible summer camp experience.

Mentoring Program

Glory Risers Empowerment mentoring program helps build, strengthen, and empower young and older adults to "Keep Moving Forward". We encourage all ages that regardless of their pass, there is always hope for their future, when they are willing to take the first step. We are trusted guides that help people make positive decisions, form their own values, and realize their potential. We understand that change don't happen overnight and that setbacks occur. We strive to empower all ages to reach the goals set and have fun. 



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